Secure & fast crypto payrolls!

Create & execute payrolls on Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Aurora, or any other EVM chain. 

See how it works

Create & execute payrolls
in minutes

Choose your chain, add a list of recipient addresses and salaries, choose the payment token and you’re done.
After that, all future payrolls are done with a single click.

Share payroll

LucriFi allows you to share templates, edit them and execute payments.
Need a new payment? You can edit an existing payment and execute it quickly.

Easily control your
company crypto expenses

Keep track of all your organisation crypto payments in one place. Quickly repeat payments, rewards and payrolls

Create your own address book

Have your own address book and all users in one place.

LucriFi for freelancers

Create payment requests in seconds

Simply choose the blockchain network on which you will be receiving the funds and enter the token and amount for your payment request. You will get a unique link which you can send to anyone you’re requesting payment from.

Preview all of your payments in one place

Track all crypto payments through a unified interface. You can track inbound and outbound payments as well as the status of your payment requests.

Log in the way you prefer

LucfiFi covers different wallet providers such as Metamask, WalletConnect and custodial wallet.